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8 week 

strong finish


Starting on Saturday November 14, 2020 we are challenging you to build some momentum and finish the year strong!  We're putting up over $2000 in Cash & Prizes to help MOTIVATE YOU! 

This is a challenge for Members at both clubs that is also available to Non-Members on a limited basis.

Control Results is ONE Family. Every Member has access to every class at both locations.  Just Sign up with which club you would like to be your home club and your automatically able to register for classes at both clubs!  Just click any of the links/buttons below to sign up and choose your club.

Personalized Attention | Expert Coaching | Nutrition Planning


All Skill Levels Accepted - Beginners Welcome

This Program Is For You If You'd like to:

✅Burn stubborn fat and get lean and toned

✅Have more energy for you and your family

✅Regain lost confidence and dominate the room

✅Sleep better. Be healthier

✅Increase your energy levels

✅Create results that finally stick


As we approach the Holiday season we want to make sure you're finishing the year strong and with confidence so you can start the New Year feeling better than you ever have!  We want to incentivize you to do this so we've put together this challenge as a tool to help you be successful. This Challenge creates an even playing field for all and is set up in a way that every participant has a chance to win as you earn tickets for a Grand Drawing. The person that accumulates the most tickets will automatically win HALF THE POT!  While every other challenger will have all the tickets they earned entered into the drawing to win THE OTHER HALF!  IT'S ANYONE'S GAME! 


2 Convenient


*Due to the personalized nature of this program we are only accepting 10 participants.

What's Included:

  • Unlimited Access To ALL Classes at Both Clubs

  • 2 Hour Long Personal Training Sessions

  • Goal Setting Meeting

  • Nutritional Plan Designed Specifically for YOU

  • Initial & Bi-Weekly Weigh-Ins

  • Before & After Pictures

  • Admission into New Year's Gala

  • Support

  • Accountability



We're giving away over $2000 in Cash & Prizes!!! Just to incentivize YOU doing your best to finish the year strong! Sign Up for our 8 Week Strong Finish Challenge and we'll guide you through the whole process!


The Goal of this 8 week Challenge is to put 2020 into your rearview and go into the New Year Stronger, Healthier, and completely ready to conquer 2021!

Are you ready to make the Next 8 Weeks Life Changing?

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